Whales are on their way!

June – October

These big and beautiful creatures travel north to their breeding grounds in the Whitsundays where they will rest before their long journey home from mid-August as they travel southward with their young. They will hug the coastline keeping the newborn calves safe.

Tours will launch early June and our coast is expecting even larger numbers as whale populations grow. Local whale-watching tours leave from Mooloolaba, an easy trip from Noosa, or join a tour from Noosa to the whales’ playground in Hervey Bay. The Coolum Boardwalk is a great place for land-based whale-watching and you can even spot the amazing creatures from Sunshine Coast beaches from Noosa to Coolum. You’ll see them only a few kilometres off shore, playing, breaching and rolling.

We will be able to advise you on the best tour or vantage point to view the whales. Choose either a local tour or a  day trip to Hervey Bay, we’ll be happy to book you on either, just ask at Reception.  Whichever option you choose, we love to see lots of happy whale watchers return with their stories and smiles!

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